Universum College is Kosovo’s most entrepreneurial, innovative, international and responsible higher education institution. Accredited by Kosovo Accreditation Agency as one of the first HEI’s, it offers studies in Social Sciences, Humanities, Business and Technology and is the only institution from Kosovo to be ranked in the Top 1000 Best Business Schools in the World, by French ranking agency, EdUniversal. It is particularly renowned for the international profile of its programs, faculty and student body. Universum is certified to deliver University of London International Programs degrees in Kosovo and participates in several international associations and initiatives including the UN Global Compact and UN PRME Initiative and is a member of International Association of Universities (IAU), Global College Network and Anglia Network Europe, to name a few. We have MoU’s with several UK, European, American and Asian universities and are the only provider in the Balkans to be approved by Pearson Edexcel in providing international qualifications for Kosovo students as well as the only approved partner institution of Harvard Business School in offering the MOC program for Kosovar students.

Although primarily a teaching institution, Universum’s applied research in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Public Policy has contributed to improving the business environment and policy making in Kosovo. Universum is very renowned for organizing high profile public and academic events and aims to be the regional platform for academic exchange and inquiry.


Universum Hub

Universum Hub

The Universum Hub aims to offer all the necessary resources to creative and diverse students through education, innovation, research, coaching, mentoring, and practice of their ideas towards success.

Therefore, through The Universum’s Hub we will be able to offer;

  • Opportunities for students to build interdisciplinary skills needed to turn their creative ideas into profitable businesses.
  • Opportunities to acquire business-related experience
  • Connect academia with community and businesses
  • Services to assist concept stage and established business owners with required skills.
  • Graduate well-trained skilled workers
  • Increase the number of modern small business enterprises
  • Generate economic growth and employment opportunities for the youth


The Hub will be highly diverse in terms of services offered. Each of the services aim is to fill a specific need for aspiring or existing entrepreneurs. The Hub will provide necessary resources for early staged or concept stage business start-ups to learn and build knowledge as a key to establish competitive advantages in the market.

Universum Hub offers:

–                Incubator spaces

–                Co-working spaces

–                UniLab

–                Business Education and Trainings

–                Mentoring and Coaching

–                Business Events

–                Sage High School Competition

–                Code Weekend Fest

Centre for Entrepreneurship and Small Business (CEBS)

Centre for Entrepreneurship and Small Business (CEBS)

Universum College within the Universum group has the center for Entrepreneurship and small business which contributes, in particular to the relationship between Universum and the business community.

Since january 2014, Universum College is the representative of GEM for Kosovo (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor). GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) is an assessment of annual entrepreneurial activities, aspirations and attitudes of individuals from a wide range of countries.

The program has three objectives:

  • To measure changes in levels of entrepreneurial activity between countries;
  • To discover the factors of the most appropriate level of entrepreneurship;
  • To suggest policies that can promote national entrepreneurial activities.

Kosovo GEM project is supported by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and SPARK.


Kosovo Business Angel Network (KOSBAN)

Kosovo Business Angel Network (KOSBAN)

Kosovo Business Angel Network (KOSBAN) was established in 2014 with the support of Universum College in Kosovo and BiD Network, Netherlands, in order to support the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation through means of financing start-ups and other early stage businesses in order to increase their potential within Kosovo as well as outside its borders. KOSBAN Members are proven entrepreneurs and investors from Kosovo, diaspora and abroad and we organize by-monthly pitching, pitching trainings for entrepreneurs and angel investment bootcamps for Angel investors.

iziSurvey (spin-off)

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Linking teaching with research and practice, Universum professors have undertaken one of the most innovative projects in Kosovo academia by building iziSurvey – an online and offline surveying platform, which has contributed to making Universum a center for public opinion surveys and creating the first regional university spin-off to become a worldwide startup (featured in global media such as Reuters and Yahoo News).

Get in the Ring (GITR)

Get in the Ring (GITR)

Get in the Ring is a non-profit event founded by The Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship in Netherlands with the aim to bring together entrepreneurs around the world to compete with each other in order to secure financing for their ventures. GITR has started only three years ago and it is present in 84 countries and accepts more than 3,000 individuals who compete in order to win the final price of €1 Million.

KosICT Tech Festival

KosICT Tech Festival

KosICT started 5 years ago as a regional conference with the aim to bring the global IT trending topic to the Balkans. But with over 50 speakers during the last 4 years and more than 1,000 participants, the expansion was inevitable. That’s why the 5th edition was a reinvention of KosICT, where it is went Global, expanding the topics line-up, introducing the South Eastern Europe (SEE) Outsourcing & Startups Fair, an eSports Championship and KosICT Nights. Universum was one of the two partners organizing this event and helped in bringing prominent speakers from globally known companies such as; Google, Apple Education, Entrepreneurship Magazine, and many more.



Universum has three campuses, in the outskirts of Prishtina, Ferizaj, and Gjakova. The campuses are situated in quiet areas, away from the city centres and equipped with modern facilities, a garden and parking area.

Universum College Campuses:


Prishtina Internal Space 1850m2
Outside Space n/a
Ferizaj Internal Space 1500m2
Outside Space 2500m2
Gjakova Internal Space 1020m2
Outside Space n/a
Total Internal Space 4370m2
Outside Space 2500m2


Every campus has dedicated space for the following services:

  • Universum Hub
    • Incubator
    • Co-working
    • Multi-purpose room
    • Makerspace
  • Library
  • Career Office
  • Student Services
  • Student IT Lab
  • Student Doctor and Psychologist
  • Canteen and Coffee Shop
  • Sports Hall
  • Individual Study Rooms
  • Student Lounge
  • Student Union Office
  • Parking Space
  • Facilities for disabled students



Bachelor Studies:

Business and Management

Public Administration, International Relation, and European Studies

Computer Science

Information and Management Systems:

Masters Studies

Distance Studies

Certification and Trainings