USAL is committed to entrepreneurship and has created a plan to foster this. In this context, USAL has created an entrepreneurship unit linked to the Science Park in which an “open knowledge ecosystem” is being constructed, a hub of entrepreneurship with international outreach aiming to attract and set up relations with a broad variety of agents: entrepreneurs, startups, accelerators, incubators, mentors, investors, large and medium-sized companies and communications media. As a Third Generation Park, the SPS holds entrepreneurship as one of the lynchpins of its existence and differentiating characteristics ( viz.“singular” above). The SPS attempts to nurture all activities aiming at establishing fruitful relations among the various agents involved, thereby allowing a suitable environment to be generated in which new entrepreneurs can receive support and some of the more consolidated start-ups can be scaled-up. Entrepreneurship Support Unit. 

Services offered to entrepreneurs:

  • A grants program and practical work in companies  
    • Preferential participation in grant programs and practical work in companies in companies managed by USAL.  
    • Employment service.
  • Dissemination
    • Entrepreneur’s telephone: 0034 923 294 462
    • Dissemination of entrepreneurial cultures within the University context.
    • Entrepreneurs’ club.
    • Dissemination of entrepreneurship among research teams.
    • Dissemination of information about calls and awards.  
    • Active participation in on-line platforms for entrepreneurs such as F6S, YAMMER etc.
    • Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship Week.
  • Training:
    • Workshops: Entrepreneurship in the 21st century: Challenges and Opportunities.  
    • Training in Business Management.  
    • Training in Entrepreneurial Competencies.
    • Entrepreneurial training for teachers: the Summer School.  
    • MOOCs (How to be an entrepreneur, Business Management, Entrepreneurial Competencies …)
  • Assessment:
    • Help and physical support during the process of developing a company with a personalized tutored itinerary.  
    • Support in the elaboration/review of business plans and financial economy plans.
    • Processing and assessment in fiscal and employment procedures.
    • Detection and support in the processing of financial  aid and subsidies.
    • Assessment in the filing of company names and data protection.
    • Consultancy for business management.
    • Accountancy assessment and management.  
    • Assessment and commercial management.
    • Network of international mentors: the Mentors’ club.
  • Financing
    • Financing forums to offer a meeting point for entrepreneurs and the different pathways involved in financing (first financing, public and private  funds, investors, etc), running “networking” activities such as “roadshows”, “meet-ups”, “matchmaking events” with investors, companies and other entrepreneurs, companies and start-ups.
    • Spaces for entrepreneurs:
    • Virtual incubators
    • Physical incubators
    • Workshops for entrepreneurs.


The SPS aims to foster the consolidation of the companies based in the Park and improve their position in both the domestic and international markets. To achieve this, the Park will set up internationalization forums; it will offer information about companies’ positions in the market, their Human Resources, and Business Management.  Special attention will be given to “cross-border mentorship”. In particular the following services are offered to companies installed in the Park:

  • A grants program and practical work in companies.  
    • Preferential participation in grants programs and the possibility of doing practical work in companies managed by USAL.
    • Employment service.
  • Spaces for companies.
  • Support for business internationalization:”  the “Internationalization Forum”.
  • Development of exchange programs : “cross-border mentorship”.
  • Business assessment concerning the position of companies in the market .
  • Assessment of applications for international tenders.
  • Fiscal assessment and management.
  • Employee assessment and management.
  • Accountancy and commercial assessment and management.
  • Collaboration with research groups at USAL for the development of business projects with a technological basis.
  • Specific consultancy for company consolidation.
  • Investors’ rounds, speed dating…
  • Roadshows.
  • Preferential access, with very favourable economic conditions, to research support services from the University of Salamanca.




WELCOME aims to connect 5 different major EU ecosystems (Berlin, Dublin, Milan, Madrid and Salamanca) working with local WELCOME partners to identify and engage the most relevant players of the web entrepreneurship ecosystems of Berlin, Dublin, Milan, Madrid and Salamanca (e.g. investors, mentors, corporates, media, successful WEs) with prospective, emerging and successful digital startups. The final goal is to create a Pan-European ecosystem in which every WE in one of the local ecosystems feels that belong to this Pan-European ecosystem. H2020 project: € 2,857,138



Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) aims at offering an integrated pan-European platform to help the best startups emerge from these local ecosystems and scale-up.
How? Connecting Top European Startups to Large Corporates.
Startup Europe Partnership is a platform where the best startups meet the best corporates, with a goal: to make things happen, whether that means procurement (corporates buy products and services from startups), strategic investments and eventually acquisition/acqui-hires.



The INESPO II project (Innovation Network Spain-Portugal) was established as a network of Knowledge Transfer University-Business between different entities and Central Portugal and Castilla y Leon regions. This project is co-financed with FEDER funds, within the 3rd call of the Operational Programme 2007-2013 Cross-Border Cooperation POCTEP, particularly in the area of cooperation and jointly to promote competitiveness and employment promotion management.
The General Foundation of the University of Salamanca, as a partner in this project, coordinates the activities that take place in Salamanca.



AIMS: We will offer you help in contrasting your innovative idea and analyzing its viability, accompanying you the in the initial phases of the development of your business project.
DIRECTED TOWARDS: People who have innovative ideas and seek advice from experts to help them acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for them to bring their ideas to fruition.
SERVICES OFFERED: For three months (and free of charge) we will help you to integrate the basic knowledge necessary for you to acquire  an overall view of how and in which direction to focus your Project so that it can become your means of earning money. This is done through:

           – WORKSHOPS SUPPORTING THE DEFINITION OF THE BUSINESS MODEL. Defining the model of your company will be crucial for you to gain a global view prior to launching your idea on the market.
           -WORKSHOPS ON HOW TO STRUCTURE THE INNOVATIVE IDEA FROM THE -FINANCIAL POINT OF VIEW.  In these workshops you will learn how much you will need to start your activity, which external funding sources are available,  the profitability expected, financial risks….
           -MENTORING: A series of professionals of renown in different sectors will lend their time, experience and expertise to help you consolidate your innovative idea.
           -TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: This is offered to cover special needs such as technological, legal, etc, advice.  
           -TUTORING BY SPECIALISTS FROM THE AGENCIES: There will always be somebody from our team to accompany you in the process and help where necessary.


  • YUZZ      Logo-Yuzz_sml

YUZZ is more than a just contest for new entrepreneurs. It offers you information, support and assessment, accompanying your needs along the development of your business plan.
All participants can win part of a total amount of 60,000 euros (1st prize, 30,000, 2nd prize 20,000,  3rd prize 10,000).  From each centre, one person will be invited to visit  Silicon Valley and there will be 80 full grants for the IMPULSA Forum .
In you have a technology-based innovative idea, you are between 18 and 30 years old, and live in a Spanish province where there is a YUZZ Centre, present your idea and allow us to tap your entrepreneurial spirit.

  • T-CUE:       logo t-cue

T-CUE promoting knowledge transfer activities within the scope of the University of Salamanca.



  • EMPRENDIMIENTO´S ROOM: Space located in a building in the center of the city to host workshop, talks or as coworking space.
  • THE INCUBATOR: With a usable surface area of 600 m2 distributed on two floors and endowed with 6 laboratories and 2 well-equipped offices, this is an ideal place for spin-off companies from the University, both biotechnological and those belonging to other innovative sectors, to install themselves and grow and consolidate their business sphere. The Incubator building offers  competitive advantages for initiatives arising in the biotechnological sector.
  • BUILDING M2: This is located in the eastern sector of the Innovatec Enclave of the SPS. It is mainly devoted to Information and Communications Technology (ICTs) and hosts 8 companies and the Data Processing Centre of the Usal Science Park.
  • BUILDING M3: Constructed within the Innovatec Enclave of the SPS, this building is highly functional and versatile. It is a modern structure and currently houses 21 companies from different technological sectors.
  • BUILDING M4: Building M4 is still under construction. It has a useable surface area of some 2000 m2 and will be commissioned for service in the first half of 2016. It is intended to harbour the hubs of several biotechnological, pharmaceutical and technological companies.
  • BUILDING M5 – CLPU: The Ultrafast Ultraintense Pulsed Laser Centre (CLPU) is what is known as a “singular scientific-technological infrastructure” (Span. Acronym ICTS) that was conceived in 2007) under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (then the Ministry of Education and Science), the Junta of Castilla y Leon and the University of Salamanca.
  • CIALE: This building houses the Spanish Portuguese Institute of Agricultural Research, which supports and fosters the investigative and training activities of USAL in different areas of knowledge related to Agriculture and Agronomy. The building has 4000 m2 divided into two well-differentiated zones: The largest one, with a modular configuration, harbours 8 research laboratories and the respective common areas for the development of research activities: growth chambers,  confocal microscopy, sterilization and washing, etc.


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