The University of Cyprus (UCY) is the largest University and main research organisation in Cyprus. During the academic year 2014-2015 there were 7008 students (undergraduate and postgraduate). There are 8 faculties, 22 departments and 11 research units at UCY. In the last report of the European research ranking for 2010, University of Cyprus was the No 1 Cyprus research institute in the number of FP7 grants received. Currently UCY is implementing 98 programmes funded by European and international funding, including three frontier research grants of ERC and another 231 programmes funded by the National Research Promotion Foundation. UCY runs also, as a proof of its dedication to European integration teaching, a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and three Jean Monnet Chairs –in European Political Integration, in European Economic Integration and in European Foreign and Security Policy. It has also an UNESCO Chair for Equality and Gender Empowerment. UCY is also member to many European and International Networks and Associations, namely: EUA, IAU, UNICA, ACU, Santander Group, AEUA, UNIMED, EAEC etc. In 2010 the first Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Pissarides Christoforos has also joined the academic community of UCY.


Centre for Entrepreneurship (C4E)


The Centre for Entrepreneurship of the University of Cyprus (C4E) was established at the end of 2014 and began operations in January 2015. C4E is the continuation of Diogenes Business Incubator, founded in 2003 by the UCY aiming to commercialize R&DI results by creating business value. Diogenes was a member of the Incubator Forum, the Cyprus Association of Business Incubators, the National Business Incubator Association (USA), the UK Business Incubator Association and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and in close collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism. Diogenes was also part of the organizing committee and a mentor of the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition and has supported the creation of 12 startup companies, while mentor and trained numerous others on areas like Entrepreneurship Development, Strategy & Business Planning, Start-up basics, Networking, Pitching etc.


C4E Mission:

To promote entrepreneurship and innovation within the University community by i) promoting a culture of entrepreneurship on campus and engagement with entrepreneurs and businesses beyond UCY’s boundaries ii) coordinating the education of young leaders for an innovation-driven society, and iii) facilitating the commercialisation of research results by faculty and students.

C4E considers Entrepreneurship in its broadest sense, namely as a mindset in scientific and scholarly work that embraces creativity, critical thinking, imagination, risk-taking and the bold experimentation with new ideas and transformative scientific approaches. C4E aspires to turn new knowledge into real “value” that can serve the common good through novel products, processes and services, implemented by new or existing ventures, private or public organizations, governmental institutions or non-governmental initiatives.

C4E serves the entire University of Cyprus community, namely undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students, researchers and young scientists, faculty, and staff. Beyond the University, we contribute to the emergence of Cyprus’ “start-up” ecosystem, participating in relevant initiatives and liaising with people and support structures, such as accelerators, incubators, and maker spaces.


C4E Activities:

  • Education and Training

C4E provides conditions and opportunities for our students and researchers to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in entrepreneurship, experience in innovative business environments and exposure to interdisciplinary and international collaborations. To this end, C4E promotes educational activities at the undergraduate and graduate level and interdepartmental audiences through short courses, seminars, workshops talks, summer schools etc. Most of these events’ educational material is uploaded at Slideshare and YouTube (Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Cyprus).

  • Supporting and Mentoring

Support and mentor the University community in their quest of transferring their research results or innovative ideas to the local or international business market. To this end, C4E seeks to attract and develop the necessary expertise for advice and know-how in relevant matters of:

  • research results utilization and intellectual property rights
  • setting up and financing startups
  • business plan compilation
  • specialized scientific knowledge
  • attracting external funding for startups
  • access to advanced research infrastructures and databases
  • access to foreign markets and innovation centers

Our mentors list:

Our makerspace site:

  • Networking

To create synergies, to use available resources and expertise outside UCY, promoting the work and results of C4E in the Cypriot society, the surrounding countries and the European Union. A key component of a University business ecosystem is the interface with the formed national entrepreneurial ecosystem and knowledge centers of excellence abroad. C4E seeks strategic cooperation with a small number of selected centers, which feature business accelerators (accelerators), pre-basic in investment funds and regularly organize  business and innovation and promote entrepreneurship competitions. Furthermore, a key goal of networking is to promote the mobility of students and researchers to and from these centers for knowledge transfer, exchange of expertise and experiences, ultimately leading the fostering of human networks. Furthermore, C4E participates in various European funded Programmes e.g. ENPI, Erasmus+, Horizon2020, BalkanMED etc.

  • Makerspace

C4E provides a place where students and researchers can work in teams and develop their ideas into something tangible e.g. a prototype. More info here:

  • Research and Analysis

C4E contributes towards the research and analysis of entrepreneurship aiming to increase knowledge on entrepreneurship and innovation by contacting large and smaller scale research and field work including:

– The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)

– The European Startup Monitor (ESM)

The results from the above researches, are used to form and update policies on a national level and furthermore place Cyprus on the global map of entrepreneurship. Moreover, C4E systematically surveys the University Community on entrepreneurship, innovation and other relevant topics, in order to offer high quality services and activities.


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Twitter: @ucy_c4e