Boğaziçi University is a leading state university in Turkey; with a 153 year history; and a strong tradition of international collaborations. Founded in 1863 under the name of Robert College, being the first American college founded outside the borders of the US, it served as a leading international institution of higher learning in the region for more than a century and then transformed into a Turkish state university in 1971.

In promoting innovation culture, universities have a very important role since they are institutions dedicated to the quest for new knowledge. Boğaziçi University has nurtured the values, culture and institutional image of knowledge creation and entrepreneurship since its establishment as Robert College in 1863. At Boğaziçi University, the practice of training people and conducting research towards innovation and entrepreneurship is a well established culture. Encouraging students for new ways of thinking, fostering analytical and critical attitudes, providing structured training on innovation help entrepreneurship spread widely. At Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, courses on entrepreneurship are being offered to students; many students end up their own establishing companies through the projects they carry out during these courses.

Main tenets of Boğaziçi University’s vision are increasing its competitiveness in academic research and being among the best research universities in the world. In accordance with its strategic priority, Boğaziçi University pursues multi-disciplinary international collaborations in research and education. There are two centers namely Center for Entrepreneurship and Center for Innovation and Competition Based Development Studies which carry out their activities on entrepreneurship and innovation.


Boğaziçi University’s Technology Transfer Office (TTO) was established in December 2012 in order to create an economic value and to assure its return to the University by transferring knowledge and technology from the University to industry. TTO assists inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs in the process of converting their ideas into technology, commercializing the technology by transferring it to the industry and creating an economic value from which both society and university benefit mutually.

TTO supports those with high commercialization potential and offers the researchers business assistance services. There are two incubation centers and one accelerator center operating at the University operated by TTO within the scope of technology transfer, innovation, entrepreneurship, business development, bringing together investors and commercialization of new ideas. Entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates can benefit from these Centers as well as seminars and practical trainings on many fields such as entrepreneurship, innovation, IP rights,finance, organization, business law, operational management, marketing, and sales provided by TTO.


HayalEt Incubation Center


HayalEt Incubation Center is an initiative supported by the Istanbul Development Agency and operated by Boğaziçi University TTO within the scope of technology transfer, innovation, entrepreneurship, business development, bringing together investors and commercialization of new ideas.


BUNY Accelerator Center

Boğaziçi University (BU) has decided to establish a startup gateway in New York City to support entrepreneurial activities of BU’s graduates.  Within this context, BU signed an agreement with New York University Tandon School of Engineering (NYU) to leverage the supportive infrastructure and developments in NYC. This agreement addresses specifically a startup facility (BUNY Accelerator) to be established within the NYU Incubators for BU-affiliated startups. BUNY can accommodate up to four startups three times a year for a period of three months per cycle.

BUNY supports the startups as follows:

  • Hosting of selected startups of BUNY Accelerator Program in one of the NYU incubators with access to startup support and mentoring in New York.
  • Establishing a close cooperation between BUNY and relevant startup activitiesi at NYU that support the success of early stage technology startups with at least one minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Guide BUNY startups for product/ market fit and ramp up revenue activities
  • Organizational of regular rountables, seminars and/or workshops focusing on promotion and startup excellence in various high-tech areas. These events may alternate between New York and Istanbul.



Inovita Health Technologies Incubation Center


Inovita Collaboration Platform (Life Sciences and Technologies İstanbul Collaboration Platform) is an initiative funded bythe Istanbul Development Agency with a purpose of transferring knowledge resulting from the scientific research in the life sciences into economic value and the development of new technologies for the region’s welfare. Inovita has transformed into Health Industry Cluster of İstanbul (ISEK).