U-tad´s entrepreneurship philosophy is in the middle of the learning process of the University. U-tad offers 5 BAs, 2 Vocational Training and more than 10 master programs around business, digital art, animation, games and engineering. Students learn skills to develop their own projects, working with students from other areas of knowledge, creating multidisciplinary teams just as it happens in real life and having different facilities and backup from the university: workshops, masterclass, entrepreneurship programs, mentors, equipment, events,…

U-tad has a High Performance Centre to help students develop their ideas since the first year of study. From here we organize the participation in the different master classes, workshops, mentor students with better ideas and help them to get support though our partners as Wayra, Google Campus or Microsoft (BizSpark program).

Our students have been awarded in several competitions such as Summa3D, Fun & Serious, Play Station Awards,…

Alumnos de U-TAD entran en la Lanzadera PlayStation        Alumnos de U-TAD ganan el premio al mejor




This is the strongest bet for entrepreneurship in the university, where we bring students and industry partners together form the first year of study and organize several activities:

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U-tad has around 20 master classes every year with important industry leaders and gurus in their areas of knowledge. Mostly around entrepreneurship, digital business, games, engineering and animation.






From the first year, students have the opportunity of having internship in companies, where they learn real processes and how a company works.





Students develop projects together with the Industry






Those students that have an idea they want to develop receive mentoring from the university in order to help them develop the project.




In addition to the High Performance Centre we develop more activities that help students understand their role in the market, what they want to achieve and what the market needs.



There are several kinds of events where not just our students participate. Some of them are events where we take students projects to participate in competitions, some are industry events where they get to know the industry, and some are events where they have to develop something in 48 hours,…

Inngames Games April Malaga Two days event. Conferences with most relevant international professionals in Games. (students and general public) INAGAMES 600
Fun & Serious Games Dec Bilbao F&S Awards (students and general public) FUN&SERIUS Festival  15.000
Animayo Art / Anim Feb, May, Dec Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Madrid Conferences and workshops: animation, VFX and Games (students and general public) ANIMAYO 2.000
Keyframe Art / Anim Feb, May, Dec Madrid Conferences and workshops, animation (students and general public) KEYFRAME SPAIN 300
Demo day Engineering Sept Madrid Focused on Virtural Reality, reknowned professionals showed their projects and trends of the industry (students and general public) DEMO DAY 150
Emerging tech Engineering May-oct Madrid Series of presentations organized in collaboration with PwC, BBVA y BEEVA at the BBVA innovation Center around software engineering. EMERGING TECH 200
U-tad ModE Engineering Sept and oct Madrid Training modules around technologies at U-tad U-tad ModE 40
Game JamOn Art+Eng Jan Madrid Hackaton. Development of several games in 48 hours. Teams of programmers, designers,… GAME JamON 100



The main goal of this course is to offer a solid training to students with an innovative mindset that will enable them start their business with the correct knowledge. In addition to equip students with the knowledge and tools necessary for creating and managing a project, this course will guide new entrepreneurs through Lean Startup methodology in creating a company.

This program is developed from October till June every year.

· Duration: 40 hours classroom learning + 150 hours final project

· Schedule: Fridays from 15:00h to 20:00h.


The practical approach that identifies U-tad’s educational model is embodied by the student placement agreements that it has established with flagship companies in the digital economy in Spain and Europe, across all business sectors.

Through agreements with major companies, more than 250, our students are able to maximise their skills by working on real projects in an environment that allows them to learn everything required to become successful in the digital economy world, as well as improving their access to the labor market or develop their own companies.

U-tad also has relationships with the main associations in the digital economy sector throughout Spain. These agreements give students the possibility to have direct contact with flagship companies in Spain, who in turn support training at the University Centre.

U-tad also participates in European associations as New European Media (NEM) and Big Data Value Association (BDVA).


U-tad also participates in European associations as New European Media (NEM) and Big Data Value Association (BDVA).




Main equipment in the University:

· Computers (Pc`s y Mac`s)

· Tablets.

 · Cintiqs.

All of them are generic and can be used for any area of development (if we keep in mind software development). Cintiqs are used to develop the graphical concept of the app, game, animation,… (user interface, characters, scenarios,…)

 We also have Kits to develop Virtual Reality experiences as well as Haptic Devices.

In our Lab the equipment can be used again for any area of knowledge. We have a driving simulator, 2d printing, arduinos, smartwatches, Lego Midstorms and drones.


In the last 3 years U-tad has celebrated more than 15 workshops with more than 300 hundred professionals assisting. Workshops are focused on digital business and mk, videogames and animation, mostly in our offices but also in Barcelona. In this kind of workshops we gather together very different professionals and multidisciplinary teams, normally both artistic and engineering ones.

TALLER 1 Primeros pasos para emprender 10
TALLER 2 Programación de Videojuegos y Animación en Unity. Iniciación. 15
TALLER 3 Programación de Videojuegos y Animación en Unity. Avanzado. 15
TALLER 4 Negociaciones internacionales con los publishers. 10
TALLER 5 Marketing móvil avanzado – Madrid 10
TALLER 6 Marketing móvil avanzado – Barcelona 10




U-tad also participates in other activities that foster entrepreneurship as competitions or events focused on this issue:

· Junior Achievement Startup Program –students present their projects, they receive mentoring and support to develop a business model and finally they participate in a National University Competition. The winner represents Spain in the international competition.

· Play Station Awards: presenting projects that our students develop in class. This year our students won the most innovator game award and were selected to participate in the Play Station Accelerator

· Summa3D: 3D animation competition

· Microsoft: agreement that gives additional benefits to our students

· Wayra and Google Campus: so our students have a direct contact with the incubators and have an easier way to enter.

· …