July 8, 2016

Entrepreneurship is a thrilling adventure full of risks and satisfactions, but this adventure can take different directions. It can be a personal or business venture, and there is an external element that can make both adventures come to fruition: the accelerators.

Date: 21st of October

Timetable: 10:00-13:00

Place: U-Tad

Timetable: 10:00-13:00

Place: Edificio Madrid, Complejo Europa Empresarial, Calle Playa de Liencres, 2 bis, 28290 Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain.


● 10:00 -10.15 Welcome & introduction to SEC2U
Marta Izquierdo (U-tad)

● 10.15 -11:00 How to build from scratch a videogame company
Carlos Abril (Crocodrile Entertainment)

● 11:00 -12.00 One person company working for a massive corporation
Sergio Hidalgo (White Door Games/Oculus Rift)

● 12:00 -13.00 Accelerators/Incubators. Ready to push big ideas
Aleix Risco (Demium Games)

Presentations will be presented on stage in Spanish

Do you have any doubts?

Do you have any doubts?

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