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September 14, 2016

You are cordially invited to participate in this event focused on startup enterprises in West London as part of StartUp Europe Comes to Universities (SEC2U), an initiative of StartUp Europe University Network (SEUN).

The main objective of the SEC2U events is to showcase the commitment of European universities to create a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation that is spreading in the university communities.

The event will be hosted by GSM London at its Greenford campus and supported by GSM London Careers and Employability, GSM London Formation Zone, West London Business, and Ealing Business Forum.

The major theme of the event is:
Re-thinking the startup: integrating multiple perspectives from the ground up

This will take into consideration the varying perspectives of those who are starting businesses, those who are directly involved in providing support and services to startups, and those who are attempting to create an environment conducive to startups and SME development within a particular local context.

There will therefore be involvement from entrepreneurs and start-ups, private and public service providers and support agencies, business associations and representative organisations, local authorities, and institutions of further and higher education.

The event will include:
– Insights from startup entrepreneurs including University ‘spin-outs’
– Perspectives of those involved in local enterprise creation and development
– Discussion of responses required to emerging startup needs and priorities
– Development of an ‘action plan’ for enhancing conditions and opportunities for startups
– Opportunity for networking and building B2B connections

We hope to see you at the event! Please RSVP to

Date: Wednesday October 19th

Timetable: 2pm to 5pm

Place: GSM London, Horsenden House, 891 Greenford Road UB60HE

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Paul Moran - GSM London       GSM report

A SEC2U event hosted by GSM London in partnership with West London Business, Ealing Business Forum, London Business Support Service, Hounslow Chamber of Commerce, and with support from the Startup Europe University Network (SEUN)

Timetable: 2pm to 5pm

Place: GSM London, Horsenden House, 891 Greenford Road UB60HE


●  13:00 – Arrival / refreshments / B2B exhibition

● 14:00 Introduction and presentation on behalf of SEUN/SEC2U

● 14:15 The start-up perspective: individual insights into start-up opportunities/challenges

● 15:00 Discussion groups (SMEs, providers, facilitators)

● 15:30 Break

● 15:45 Plenary response from providers

● 16:00 Plenary response from facilitators

● 16:15 Plenary response from SMEs

● 16:30 Panel discussion: Conclusions, agenda-setting and next steps

● 17:00 Drinks Reception and Networking

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Paul Moran